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Dance Competition | NXT Level Dance Challenge | United States (248)303-2033


Job Description-

Watch and provide verbal critiques to all routines performing.   Provide expert analysis via computer score sheet as well as verbal critiques. Judges are the most crucial part of the competition. We  are only looking for judges that have  a well rounded dance education and have taught all age groups. During verbal critiques we expect detailed critiques that provide the studio with quality information to continue to help their dancers back in the studio. Silence and "wow", "work on that" are NOT what we are looking for. Our judges go into detail: "wow, your extension out of your pirouette was beautiful". "Lets try to work on those switch leaps, make sure you are really releasing your legs after the switch to make your legs come up a little higher", 

If you believe that you are this type of judge we are excited to hear from you!

Requirements - 

Positive and Upbeat Attitude

Teaching experience over all age ranges

Teaching experience in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary and Hip-Hop

To apply please fill out the application below, if we feel you are a fit we will reach out!

What is NXT Level Dance Challenge?

We are a National Dance Competition touring between late January through early May

What is a Dance Competition?

A Dance Competition invites studios from the local area to compete against one another in varies styles of dance

Where do you tour?

We are traveling the entire East Coast and Midwest, going as far West as St. Louis

Am I away from home the entire season?

No, our staff flies out on Friday morning, does the show Friday-Sunday and flies home Monday

Am I responsible for airfare?

No, NXT Level Dance Challenge covers ALL Travel, hotel and food during your weekend

Why should you apply??

Travel the Country - On us!

Above industry wages

Gain on the job experience!